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About MCSC

Who We Are

We are a private club located in Chester, NY with limited membership, but regular public events. Browse our website for more information.

Indoor & outdoor facilities.

100 yard & 200 yard outdoor range.

Trap & skeet.

Archery range.

About The Club

About Us

The Monroe-Chester Sportsmen’s clubhouse is located on Gibson Hill Road in the town of Chester, N.Y. It is a private club with limited membership, however, the club hosts many shooting events that are open to the public in all disciplines of shooting.The club has a main clubhouse with a meeting room.

Our ranges include an indoor 8-point turning target 25 yard pistol range, an outdoor 15-point 50 yard pistol range, an outdoor 15-point 100 & 200 yard rifle range, a shotgun range with 1 trap field, 2 skeet fields and 1 five stand sporting clays facility, an 80 yard archery range, a 50 yard crossbow range and a 1.25 mile walk-thru 3D archery course. Each range has its own clubhouse facility as well.

For the hunters, the club has provided a pheasant preserve and leases four additional pieces of property within Orange County providing over 1500 acres of hunting lands.

Club Officers


Roy Zucca


(845) 325-9365


Diane Bramich

Vice President

(845) 258-8825


Dom DiMare


(845) 641-8046


Frank Kick


(845) 783-3115

Board of Directors

Board Secretary

Diane Bramich
(845) 258-8825


Dom Dimare
(845) 641-8046

Vice Chairman

Kevin Faith
(914) 879-6139

Board Member

John Mooney Jr.
(203) 460-6859

Board Member

Anthony Meluso
(914) 474-2500

Board Member

Mike Ford
(914) 297-8517

Board Member

Fred Tompkins
(845) 222-1941

Board Member

Jim Malkmus
(845) 206-7468

Board Member

Pat Heffernan
(845) 782-2212

Board Member

Gus DiPierro
(845) 469-4409

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