Work Hours

Club members are required to perform 5 hours of work for the club or pay $30 for each hour not worked. Work hours must be completed and submitted by December 1st in order to count toward your dues. Work hours will be entered into the system by the appropriate discipline chairman, found here.

Some work items that need doing are listed below:

  1. The trim on the two windows on the road side of the clubhouse need to be scraped and painted probably with two coats of paint. Contact: Jim Malkmus
  2. The apron around the new barn, the space between the walls and entrance gate and the edge of the parking lot where the forsythia are planted need to be sprayed with weed killer. Maybe some additional areas in the parking area as well. Contact: Jim Malkmus
  3. Target Frames on the pistol and Rifle Ranges need repair (note this is an on-going task, not a one-time work item. Contact: Jim Burnell
  4. Brush along the sides of the range road needs to be cut back. Contact: Jim Malkmus
  5. Windows on the side of the club house need to be painted. Contact: Jim Malkmus
  6. Weeds around club house and barn need to be sprayed. Contact: Jim Malkmus

During this period of social distancing, there are work hours available outdoors to those wanting to be active without risking contact with others. Contact the Maintenance Chairman, Jim Malkmus at 845-206-7468