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Monroe-Chester Sportsmen’s Club

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Mailing Address: P.O. Box 624, Monroe, NY 10949


Archery Chairman: Todd Miller, (845) 820-6852, [email protected]

Colchester Chairman: Samuele Dragone, (845) 283-3661,
[email protected]

Cowboy Action Chairman: Tom (Duke) Colaluca, (570) 296-2032, [email protected]

Crossbow Chairman: Michael Chrostowski, (914) 980-4365, [email protected]

Education Chairman: Dom Dimare, (845) 641-8046, [email protected]

Fishing Chairman: Mark Thabet, [email protected]

Facilities Chairman: Jim Malkmus, (845) 206-7468, [email protected]

Membership Chairman: Mark Acosta, (845) [email protected]

Pistol Chairman: Roy Zucca, (845) 325-9365, [email protected]

Preserve Chairman: Bill Istone, (845) 537-1756, [email protected]

Rifle Chairman: Ernie Delcher, (201) 916-7569, [email protected]

ROMEOS Chairman: Gus DiPierro, (845) 610-5103, [email protected]

Safety Chairman: Michaele Incontro, (201) 615-5273, [email protected]

Shotgun Chairman: Diane Bramich, (845) 477-8755, [email protected]

Steel Targets & Matches Chairman: [email protected]

Youth Chairman: Kevin Palacino, (845) 651-0421, [email protected]